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[texts]A description of the genus Pinus ?illustrated with figures, directions relative to the cultivation, and remarks on the uses of the several species /by Aylmer Bourke Lambert. (Volume v. 1) - Bauer, Ferdinand,

Keywords: Pinaceae
Downloads: 571
[texts]Pinaceae: being a handbook of the firs and pines - Nelson, John
"Notice" signed: Johannes Senilis
Keywords: Pinaceae
Downloads: 8
[texts]A description of the genus Pinus ?illustrated with figures, directions relative to the cultivation, and remarks on the uses of the several species /by Aylmer Bourke Lambert. (Volume v. 2) - Bauer, Ferdinand,

Keywords: Pinaceae
Downloads: 442
[texts]Pinaceae : being a handbook of the firs and pines - Nelson, John
Keywords: Pinaceae
Downloads: 190
[texts]Synopsis der nadelhölzer, deren charakteristischen merkmale nebst andeutungen über ihre cultur und ausdauer in Deutschlands klima (Volume 1865) - Henkel, Johann Baptist, 1815-1871

Keywords: Taxaceae; Pinaceae
Downloads: 373
[texts]Die Coniferen ?nach Lambert, Loudon und Anderen /Frei bearbeitet von Franz Antoine. (Volume pts. 1-11) - Antoine, Franz,

Keywords: Coniferae; Pinaceae
Downloads: 297
[texts]Monografia del arbol de Santa Maria del Tule /escrita por Casiano Conzatti. - Conzatti, Cassiano,

Keywords: Mexico; Pinaceae; Plants; Taxodium mucronatum
Downloads: 295
[texts]A guide to the Pinetum, by Edmund H. Fulling (Volume 1929) - Fulling, Edmund H. (Edmund Henry), 1903-
Pratt, Martha S. (Mrs. Addison S.)
Keywords: New York Botanical Garden. Pinetum; Pinaceae
Downloads: 166
[texts]Ecological genetics of Pinus contorta in the Lower Snake River Basin of Central Idaho (Volume no.354) - Rehfeldt, G. E
Cover title
Keywords: Lodgepole pine Idaho Genetics; Pinaceae Idaho; Forest ecology Idaho
Downloads: 10
[texts]Vischer's views of California :the mammoth tree grove, Calaveras County, California, and its avenues /drawn and published by Edward Vischer. - Vischer, Edward.

Keywords: Calaveras County; California; Pictorial works; Pinaceae; Plants; Sequoia gigantea
Downloads: 203
[texts]Pinaceae, Rutaceae, Meliaceae, Anacardiaceae, Tamaricaceae, Cornaceae, Oleaceae, Bignoniaceae of Nevada (Volume no.40) - Little, Elbert L. (Elbert Luther), 1907-2004
Includes index
Keywords: Pinaceae; Rutaceae; Meliaceae; Anacardiaceae; Tamaricaceae; Cornaceae; Oleaceae; Bignoniaceae; Botany
Downloads: 26
[texts]Upward advance, intensification, and spread of Dwarf Mistletoe in a thinned stand of Western Larch (Volume no.504) - Wicker, Ed F
Caption title
Keywords: Trees Diseases and pests Montana; Plant parasites Montana; parasitic plants Santalaceae Arceuthobium laricis Pinaceae Larix occidentalis
Downloads: 15
[texts]Correspondence ?Rattan (Volney) and Engelmann (George), (Volume Rattan to Engelmann, 1878-1883) - Rattan, V.

Keywords: (Volney); 1809-1884; 1840-1915; Abies; Correspondence; Engelmann, George; Letters; Pinaceae; Pinus; Rattan, V
Downloads: 17
[texts]Correspondence ?Kraeft (J. Heinrich) and Engelmann (George), (Volume Kraeft to Engelmann, 1878) - Kraeft, J. Heinrich.

Keywords: 1809-1884; Correspondence; Engelmann, George; Identification; Kraeft, J. Heinrich; Letters; Pinaceae; Pinus
Downloads: 33
[texts]Correspondence ?Masters (James) and Engelmann (George), (Volume Masters, (James) to Engelmann, 1880) - Masters, J. H.

Keywords: (James Harris); 1809-1884; 1819-1909; Correspondence; Engelmann, George; Letters; Masters, J. H; Picea; Pinaceae
Downloads: 23
[texts]Correspondence ?Robinson (William) and Engelmann (George), (Volume Robinson, (William) to Engelmann, 1878) - Robinson, W.

Keywords: (William); 1809-1884; 1838-1935; Abies; Correspondence; Engelmann, George; Letters; Pinaceae; Robinson, W
Downloads: 21
[texts]Correspondence ?Probasco (Henry) and Engelmann (George), (Volume Probasco to Engelmann, 1879) - Probasco, Henry,

Keywords: 1809-1884; 1820-1902; Abies; Correspondence; Engelmann, George; Fir; Letters; Pinaceae; Probasco, Henry
Downloads: 21
[texts]Paulus Roetter sketchbook on pines and cactus, - Engelmann, George,

Keywords: 1806-1894; Botanical illustration; Cactaceae; Cactus; gmgpc; Pictorial works; Pinaceae; Pinus elliottii; Roetter, Paulus; Sketchbooks
Downloads: 271
[texts]A method for constructing site index curves from height-age measurements applied to Douglas-fir in the Southwest (Volume no.510) - Edminster, Carleton B
Caption title
Keywords: Site index (Forestry) Southwestern States; Douglas fir Southwestern States; height measurement methodology Pinaceae Pseudotsuga menziesii
Downloads: 26
[texts]Frequency of external defect and skidding damage in ponderosa pine stands in the Black Hills (Volume no.496) - Schmid, J. M
Caption title
Keywords: Ponderosa pine; Pine Abnormalities South Dakota; forest trees Pinaceae Pinus ponderosa wood defects
Downloads: 14
[texts]Correspondence ?Gilbert (Grove) and Engelmann (George), (Volume Gilbert to Engelmann, 1873) - Gilbert, Grove Karl,

Keywords: 1809-1884; 1843-1918; Abies; Correspondence; Engelmann, George; Gilbert, Grove Karl; Letters; Loranthaceae; Pinaceae
Downloads: 27
[texts]Periodic annual increment in basal area and diameter growth in partial cut stands of Ponderosa pine (Volume no.509) - Schmid, J. M
Caption title
Keywords: Hardwoods South Dakota; Ponderosa pine South Dakota; basal area Pinaceae Pinus ponderosa
Downloads: 18
[texts]Correspondence ?James Thomas Allen and Engelmann, (Volume James Thomas Allen to Engelmann, 1882-1886) - Allen, James Thomas.

Keywords: 1809-1884; Abies; Allen, James Thomas; Botanical specimens; Correspondence; Engelmann, George; Identification; Letters; Masters, J. H; Picea; Pinaceae; Pinus; Plants
Downloads: 51
[texts]Correspondence ?Meisel (Augustus) and Engelmann (George), (Volume Meisel to Engelmann, 1877) - Meisel, A.

Keywords: (Augustus); 1806-1894; 1809-1884; Botanical illustration; Correspondence; Engelmann, George; Letters; Meisel, A; Pinaceae; Pinus; Roetter, Paulus
Downloads: 40
[texts]Correspondence ?Collier (George) and Engelmann (George), (Volume Collier to Engelmann, 1880) - Collier, G. H.

Keywords: (George H.); 1809-1884; 1827-1916; Collier, G. H; Correspondence; Engelmann, George; Letters; Pinaceae; Pinus; Seed exchanges
Downloads: 32
[texts]Correspondence ?Miller (Frederick) and Engelmann (George), (Volume Miller to Engelmann, 1881-1883) - Miller, F. A.

Keywords: (Frederick A.); 1809-1884; 1836-; Botanical specimens; Cactaceae; Correspondence; Engelmann, George; Fagaceae; Identification; Letters; Miller, F. A; Pinaceae; Pinus; Quercus
Downloads: 20
[texts]Correspondence ?Budd (Joseph) and Engelmann (George), (Volume Budd to Engelmann, 1880) - Budd, J. L.

Keywords: (Joseph Lancaster); 1809-1884; 1834-1904; Abies; Budd, J. L; Correspondence; Engelmann, George; Letters; North America; Pinaceae
Downloads: 53
[texts]Correspondence ?Saporta (Gaston) and Engelmann (George), (Volume Saporta to Engelmann, 1876-1880) - Saporta, Gaston,

Keywords: 1806-1889; 1809-1884; 1823-1895; Correspondence; Engelmann, George; Fagaceae; Lesquereux, Leo; Letters; marquis de; Pinaceae; Pinus; Quercus; Saporta, Gaston
Downloads: 24
[texts]Correspondence ?Maximowicz (Carl) and Engelmann (George), (Volume Maximowicz to Engelmann, 1876-1879) - Maximowicz, C. J.,

Keywords: 1809-1884; 1816-1877; 1827-1891; Correspondence; Engelmann, George; Letters; Maximowicz, C. J; Parlatore, Filippo; Pinaceae; Pinus
Downloads: 23
[texts]Correspondence ?Dimmick (L.) and Engelmann (George), (Volume Dimmick to Engelmann, 1878) - Dimmick, L. Norton,

Keywords: 1809-1884; 1823-1884; Abies bracteata; California; Correspondence; Dimmick, L. Norton; Engelmann, George; Letters; Pinaceae; Plants; Santa Lucia Range
Downloads: 39
[texts]Incidence of compression wood and stem eccentricity in lodgepole pine of North America (Volume no.420)
Includes bibliographical references
Keywords: Compression wood; Lodgepole pine; reaction wood Pinaceae Pinus contorta Pinus contorta var; latifolia wood technology forest products stem form
Downloads: 28
[texts]Correspondence ?Norway (William) and Engelmann (George), (Volume Norway to Engelmann, 1878) - Norway, Wm. H.

Keywords: (William Henry); 1809-1884; 1834-1900; Botanical specimens; Cactaceae; Correspondence; Engelmann, George; Letters; Liliaceae; Norway, Wm. H; Pinaceae; Pinus; Yucca
Downloads: 28
[texts]Correspondence ?Fowler (James) and Engelmann (George), (Volume Fowler to Engelmann, 1878-1880) - Fowler, James,

Keywords: 1809-1884; 1829-1923; Correspondence; Engelmann, George; Fagaceae; Fowler, James; Letters; Picea; Pinaceae; Quercus alba; Quercus rubra
Downloads: 23
[texts]Correspondence ?Johnson (Alvin) and Engelmann (George), (Volume Johnson to Engelmann, 1877) - Johnson, A. J.

Keywords: (Alvin Jewett); 1809-1884; 1827-1884; Correspondence; Encyclopedias and dictionaries; Engelmann, George; Johnson, A. J; Letters; Pinaceae; Pinus
Downloads: 25
[texts]Correspondence ?John Alphonse Allen and Engelmann, (Volume John Alphonse Allen to Engelmann, 1882-1883) - Allen, John Alphonse.

Keywords: 1809-1884; Allen, John Alphonse; Botanical specimens; Correspondence; Engelmann, George; Identification; Juncaceae; Juncus; Letters; Picea; Pinaceae; Plants
Downloads: 49
[texts]Correspondence ?C?elakovsky? (Ladislav) and Engelmann (George), (Volume C?elakovsky? to Engelmann, 1882) - C?elakovsky?, Ladislav,

Keywords: 1809-1884; 1834-1902; Abies; C?elakovsky?, Ladislav; Correspondence; Cupressaceae; Engelmann, George; Exchange of publications; Letters; Pinaceae; Sequoia
Downloads: 50
[texts]Red turpentine beetles in partially cut stands of Ponderosa Pine (Volume no.505) - Schmid, J. M
Caption title
Keywords: Ponderosa pine Diseases and pests South Dakota; Red turpentine beetle South Dakota; plant pests Coleoptera Scolytidae Dendroctonus valens Pinaceae Pinus ponderosa
Downloads: 16
[texts]Representing growth response to fertilization in the prognosis model for stand development (Volume no.392) - Stage, Albert R
Caption title
Keywords: Trees Growth Computer simulation; Forests and forestry Measurement Computer simulation; growth models stand density forest statistics fertilizers Pinaceae Pseudotsuga menziesii Abies grandis
Downloads: 12
[texts]Correspondence ?Millington (Lucy) and Engelmann (George), (Volume Millington to Engelmann, 1872-1877) - Millington, Lucy A.

Keywords: (Lucy Ann Bishop); 1809-1884; 1825-1900; Abies; Arceuthobium; Correspondence; Diseases and pests; Engelmann, George; Letters; Loranthaceae; Millington, Lucy A; Picea; Pinaceae; Pinus
Downloads: 17
[texts]Correspondence ?Black (Archibald) and Engelmann (George), (Volume Black to Engelmann, 1871) - Black, A. R.

Keywords: (Archibald Ray); 1809-1884; 1823-1889; Black, A. R; Botanical specimens; Collection and preservation; Correspondence; Engelmann, George; Letters; New Hanover County; North Carolina; Pinaceae
Downloads: 60
[texts]Correspondence ?Saint Paul?Illaire (Ulrich) and Engelmann (George), (Volume Saint Paul-Illaire to Engelmann, 1883) - Saint Paul-Illaire, Ulrich Maximilian von,

Keywords: 1809-1884; 1826-1901; 1833-1902; 1840-1924; Abies; Classification; Coniferae; Correspondence; Engelmann, George; Letters; Meehan, Thomas; Pinaceae; Saint Paul-Illaire, Ulrich Maximilian von; Veitch, James
Downloads: 19
[texts]Correspondence ?Masters (Maxwell) and Engelmann (George), (Volume Masters, (Maxwell) to Engelmann, 1876-1881) - Masters, Maxwell T.

Keywords: (Maxwell Tylden); 1809-1884; 1833-1907; Abies; Agave; Cactaceae; Coniferae; Correspondence; Echinocactus; Engelmann, George; Juncaceae; Juncus; Letters; Liliaceae; Masters, Maxwell T; Picea; Pinaceae; Pinus
Downloads: 27
[texts]Correspondence ?Swezey (Goodwin) and Engelmann (George), (Volume Swezey to Engelmann, 1882) - Swezey, Goodwin D.

Keywords: (Goodwin DeLoss); 1809-1884; 1810-1888; 1811-1875; Correspondence; Engelmann, George; Geographical distribution; Gray, Asa; Lapham, Increase Allen; Letters; Pinaceae; Pinus mitis; Swezey, Goodwin D
Downloads: 13
[texts]Correspondence ?E.P. Austin and Engelmann, (Volume E.P. Austin to Engelmann, 1863-1876) - Austin, E. P.

Keywords: 1809-1884; Abies; Austin, E. P; Botanical specimens; Correspondence; Engelmann, George; Identification; Letters; Picea nigra; Pinaceae; Pinus banksiana; Pinus resinosa; Pinus strobus
Downloads: 61
[texts]Correspondence ?Dunn (George) and Engelmann (George), (Volume Dunn to Engelmann, 1877) - Dunn, G. W.

Keywords: (George Washington); 1809-1884; 1814-1905; Abies; Botanical specimens; California, Gulf of; Catalogs and collections; Correspondence; Dunn, G. W; Engelmann, George; Letters; Mexico; Pinaceae
Downloads: 28
[texts]Correspondence ?Booth (John Cornelius) and Engelmann (George), (Volume Booth to Engelmann, 1880) - Booth, John Cornelius,

Keywords: 1809-1884; 1817-1911; 1821-1909; 1836-1909; Bolle, Carl August; Booth, John Cornelius; Correspondence; Engelmann, George; Hooker, Joseph Dalton; Letters; North America; Pinaceae; Pinus douglasiana; Trees
Downloads: 65
[texts]Red belt in lodgepole pine in the Front Range of Colorado (Volume no.503) - Schmid, J. M
Caption title
Keywords: Lodgepole pine Diseases and pests Front Range (Colo; and Wyo; ) plant diseases and disorders weather Pinaceae Pinus contorta Pinus contorta var; latifolia
Downloads: 13
[texts]Ponderosa and Lodgepole Pine seedling bud burst varies with lift date and cultural practices in Idaho nursery (Volume no.397) - Sloan, John P
Caption title
Keywords: Forest nurseries Idaho; Ponderosa pine Idaho Seedlings Evaluation; Lodgepole pine Idaho Seedlings Evaluation; fertilizers irrigation temperature Pinaceae Pinus ponderosa Pinus contorta Pinus contorta var; latifolia
Downloads: 17
[texts]Containment of small group infestations of the mountain pine beetle in ponderosa pine (Volume no.493) - Schmid, J. M
Caption title
Keywords: Ponderosa pine Diseases and pests; Mountain pine beetle Control South Dakota; Pesticides; forest pests Pinaceae Pinus ponderosa Coleoptera Scolytidae Dendroctonus ponderosae baits
Downloads: 17
[texts]Correspondence ?Parlatore (Filippo) and Engelmann (George), (Volume Parlatore to Engelmann, 1862-1866) - Parlatore, Filippo,

Keywords: 1809-1884; 1810-1888; 1816-1877; Abies; Correspondence; Engelmann, George; Flora italiana; Gray, Asa; Letters; Parlatore, Filippo; Picea concolor; Pinaceae; Pinus occidentalis
Downloads: 37
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